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Bonjour! Get Speaking French Confidently In Your Spare Time

FREE MASTERCLASS: Learn The 4 Steps Of How To Hold Meaningful French Conversations The REAL Way In Just 30 Minutes A Day

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Discover how to set yourself up for effective learning so that your conversations can flow


Learn the essential 20% of vocabulary that drives 80% of all French conversations


Knowledge is never enough: learn how to apply this in REAL French conversations

Let's get you speaking French so you can hold confident conversations in no time at all...

Hi I'm Christine and in this FREE Masterclass I'll teach you:

  • How to have an effective strategy for learning to speak French.
  • How to use the most effective vocabulary to hold rewarding conversations. 
  • How to apply that knowledge confidently so you both understand and are understood.
  • How to make rapid progress with your French speaking.
  • How to easily shift into the next gear so that you can enjoy rewarding, effective, adventurous learning.

Helping people speak French is my thing.  I've helped thousands of other people speak French confidently, and in this Free masterclass I want to show you how YOU can also confidently speak French in as little as 30 minutes a day. 

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