So you're ready to have private lessons or you're getting motivated in a short blast of B1 or B2 lessons!


Christine Camm

Bonjour tout le monde! I'm Christine Camm - founder of Simply French Online, and creator of the REAL French method. My passion is helping you speak French confidently.

Let's take a look at what lessons with Christine looks like.

The BEST way to Speak French is to practise in REAL conversations.

Apps, vocab lists and text books will never improve your speaking skills like real conversations do. And to speak well, you need to take a multisensory approach, not just learn from reading or listening alone. When you have private lessons with Simply French Online, you are creating linguistic experiences. You are making it REAL - Rewarding, Effective, Adventurous Learning. Here's what some current ONLINE learners have said about their learning with me:

Hear it straight from Estelle

After just two lessons, Estelle was so happy she had found someone who could make a big difference, and fast, after trying all sorts of different ways of learning.


We can study a language on our own, but when it comes to being able to apply our learning in spontaneous and realistic situations, often things start to get a bit tricky!

"I had been having French lessons for over two years when I found Christine. she taught me more than I could possibly have imagined before I even signed up! Christine's insight into how I was learning and how I could make progress quickly got me overcoming all previous obstacles. I am on a great trajectory of learning and speaking French so confidently. Before, I could barely speak, and I wanted everything perfect. Now, I am speaking naturally and learning far more this way. Christine teaches PEOPLE, not just FRENCH. "

French Learner USA

Studying French is different from having conversations in French.

Somehow we feel held back and that can totally throw our confidence.

Even with the best intentions, our French learning journey can be peppered with self doubt, fear of failure and fear of what other people would think of us when we try to speak French.  

Sometimes, when we try to have a conversation, we stumble over phrases,  spend ages trying to understand what the other person is saying and then forget what we were going to say in the first place!  And then, ages after, we come up with something that belonged to part of the conversation that had already passed by. 

It can be so emotionally draining!


Having private lessons with Christine means you can blend your learning into situations in life that are appropriate to you,  either on line or in person. 

Christine generates appropriate lessons for you and your lifestyle: choose your day, your hour, your style of learning and what you want to learn, all with the experience of a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, of course! 

Grammar becomes secondary as you create LINGUISTIC EXPERIENCES and use multisensory ways of learning that helps you get vocabulary to stick in your head. 

What? No revision needed? 

Each lesson is agreed in advance.  Each lesson is evaluated for the appropriateness of content and engagement.

Whatever your style, or language needs, you are also a partner in your learning. This is part of the initial meetings so that you know what you're learning and have ownership of your leaning. 

"I found Christine after Christmas, when I hated learning and was getting an average of 5/20 in my exams. Immediately after I started my lessons I gained confidence, expertise in speaking and her enthusiasm is contagious! I gained 19/20 in my final oral exam and a new love of learning. Thank you Christine. You changed everything for me!"

Baccalaureate student, France

We need more than the textbook!

It was over the experience of trying to learn Arabic, that I realised that we needed more than just the textbook.

I had the knowledge in my head, but it was only good for exercises in the classroom. That just didn’t seem right. 

So I got creative and worked out just what I needed to get going and to keep the conversations in the target language. So when my fellow students were struggling to pronounce the words, I was already out there, finding people to practise more flowing conversations with that could build up to providing me with more realistic words I needed to connect with people. 

We learn a language to make connections with people. Until we apply what we are learning in realistic situations, then those connections will struggle to be made. 

REAL stands for Rewarding, Effective and Adventurous Learning.

And so the REAL French Method was born! Never again do we need to worry what people think. Never again need we feel shame at the errors we make, or beat ourselves up over forgotten words because we knew somehow, that we ought to have been able to retrieve them faster! 

Learning to speak a second language needs quite a different approach.

When I asked French people to explain the nitty gritty of the grammar, or to come up with ways to help me, they often totally struggledTo teach well, you need pedagogical skill.

And that's where Christine comes in . . .

You want to develop your understanding of the language. 

You want to try out new grammar in realistic conversations.

You want intelligent and instant feedback on your pronunciation.

You want stimulating materials to prompt better recall.

You want discipline and to be pushed, but not overly so. 

You really want some who really cares about how you learn and adapts to ensure that you're making good progress.

You want someone who has experience teaching French and a wide knowledge of how you learn effectively 


Be able to speak to French speaking people.

Get used to speaking so you don't get that awful ‘Brain Freeze’ which then puts the vicious circle of low confidence into action.

Lessons are based on getting you being a spontaneous speaker, mastering grammar as you go along and increasing your vocabulary naturally. 

It's not your fault you struggle to speak French!

If you’ve been struggling to speak French and still it’s a stressful and uphill struggle, I am also here to tell you it’s not your fault.

Thinking that you have to learn all the language before you get speaking confidently is a myth.

Here’s how it goes:

1) You join a class to learn French.

2) You download a bunch of apps on your phone.

3) The class just doesn’t go at your pace, somehow but hey, you stick at it anyway.

4) When it’s your chance to speak, it lasts all of two sentences and it’s from an exercise in the book.

5) So you get yourself a private tutor. A French one – because, hey, you want the ‘real’ thing! You finish the chapters in the book. You do plenty of exercises and you agonise over pronunciation.

6) You get the chance to talk to a French person in a natural setting . . . but they don’t realise you’re still on chapter 15 and haven’t covered what you really want to say yet. 

7) You complete the course - you don't want to be seen as a failure. You get good marks in everything but the speaking element! You tell yourself, If only I had the chance to learn one to one, only effectively and in a way I don't always feel like I am studying!"


But how is it possible to combine realistic learning with realistic conversations?

If you’re skeptical, welcome to the club! And you might ask yourself: Well, can that work for me, then? The answer is a resounding YES.

Here's how your Private lessons work:

  • We meet and make plans for what you want to learn. 
  • We establish your current level of French. 
  • We establish where you want to be with your leaning and set the goals. 
  • We establish the best learning routine for you and how much you can do outside of the actual lessons.  
  • You set up your learning environment,
  • We set a Calendar reminder for the lessons. 
  • If you have to change the day or time of a lesson, we discuss this. Often shift workers have to make adjustments. 
  • Christine prepares the lessons for you according to an agreed plan.
  • You see the final preparation of the plan BEFORE lessons begin. 
  • You start your lessons. 
  • Lessons are one hour long, unless you prefer 90 minutes. It's up to you. 
  • If you live locally, you can have your lessons here near Tarbes. Otherwise, we can work on line. If you wish, you can blend the two ways. 

Don’t let fear of anything hold you back and keep you from your learning and having great conversations.

You have unlimited potential

Think about your learning now, and what it will be like in a few months’ time if you do nothing. Whilst others are progressing and having great conversations, you’re still on your learning plateau. Don’t let fear of anything hold you back and keep you from having those great conversations. Learn more, say more. You have unlimited potential to grow your French.


This is for you if . . . 

  • You’re ready to get learning French, or to progress from where you are already at. 
  • You want to improve your conversation skills.
  • You’re ready to make a commitment to learning and to show up each week.
  • You want to have a steady routine and learn with a community. 

This is for you if . . . 

  • You want a structured way to progress.
  • You want to use your French in realistic situations. 
  • You want to learn some particular grammar points and make them come alive in your life so they are easy to use.  Typical points are the imperfect and the perfect tenses, or use of the subjunctive, for example. 
  • You want to pass a particular exam. 

This is not for you if . . .

  • You expect results without putting in the effort and it doesn’t fit into your current life schedule
  • It’s not a magic pill for speaking French – I can’t promise that. 
  • You prefer using translation apps

This is not for you if . . .

  • You don’t have a microphone and a headset, or a quiet place from which to focus on your LIVE lessons with Christine.
  • You want to keep your nose in the textbook. Lessons are all adapted to be able to use the information you learn, not just know stuff! 

How much will Private lessons cost me?

What will it cost NOT to join?

The mistake that most people make is that they think that drifting around the internet for random lessons is the cheap option. What they don't take into account is how slow or ineffective that can be.

Or worse...

...the social or job opportunity costs associated with not being able to communicate confidently. The lost friendships, being passed over for promotion or remaining scared to fulfil the lifetime dream of visiting France. And then, the holidays where you point at the menu and hope you get something decent!

Never mind getting ready for that speaking exam and being able to breeze through it since you're speaking naturally and comfortably, whatever your level. 

So, if you are like so many of my students and want to stop surfing the internet for freebies, stop hiding behind the fear to speak, and finally pick up the map and fast track your success to confident French conversations ...

. . . then get yourself some lessons! 


You might also ask what it will cost if you stay on a French speaking plateau and you find you’re saying the same things all the time?

Don't forget your 30 day, 100% unconditional money back guarantee for lessons not had if you have to withdraw for any reason. 

About the REAL French Method

A three pronged approach:


We look at HOW you're learning to make sure it's effective and suitable to the way YOU learn. This is the FLOW element of the REAL French Method.

We look at the grammar and VOCABULARY to make sure that you are professing with the knowledge of French.

We look at your IMMERSION in the language so that you are able to speak in spontaneous situations with confidence. 

And don't forget the super safe 30 day guarantee!

Christine's Get Speaking Super Safe Guarantee

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn French. Therefore, Christine's Private lessons come with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee if you have paid in advance and stand to lose out on lessons not had if, unfortunately, you have to withdraw. 

If you have tried everything we have to offer and still are not speaking French, then we won't make you hang around. I don't wan't unhappy money or unhappy students.

Simply send mean email within the first 30 days of your purchase date  to [email protected] with the email address you used to order your program along with the reason you need to cancel, and we’ll cancel your purchase and process the refund for the lessons you've not had.

"I know I have said it before: your method is far better than anything I've tried previously. I got absolutely nowhere with other language programmes. And when I went to Paris after my lessons, I was confident, talking to people and it made my visit so much more enjoyable. "

Chrissy Hutsell
Student of Christine for 12 months, USA & UK

Private lessons - Pricing Options



One payment


10 x private lessons per month of one hour each

(Value £570)

BONUS: Onboarding Call with behind the scenes preparation)

(Value £197)

Buy NOW!





50 x Private lessons

(Value £2850)

BONUS: Onboarding Call with behind the scenes preparation.

(Value £197)

Buy NOW!



One payment

One 60 minute private lesson on the particular area you require. 

This lesson is designed uniquely to match your learning needs.

Content agreed in discussion prior to the lesson.

Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

Buy NOW!

"I woke up this morning with lots of French buzzing through my mind! Thank you so much for such a progressive, mind-moving learning experience!"

French Learner, UK & France

Don’t forget: it’s completely risk free. 

I always pack my passion and a lot of ways to help you speak French confidently into these lessons. So if it’s not the right place for you, send me an email and I will refund you the lessons you will not have had. 

I would much rather prefer that you take your money and invest it where you will be most happy and get results. 
I just want you to unlock your bilingual potential.


Christine - are you qualified to teach me?

Tell me more . . .

I struggled with my learning at school since I was told I was in the 'stupid people' class.  I was told I would not be able to learn a third language, and I was darned lucky to be in the class that had French. 

However, I have skills! And determination!  I WANTED to learn French and so I did! 

At the age of 18 I was teaching retake students who had failed the exam I had passed. 

At 20 I had my Bachelor of Education degree in teaching French. 

At 21 I was teaching English in France.

At 35 I was teaching French to the French in Canada

At 40 I became a Lead Practitioner in teaching, and governor of the school I was teaching in, so I could help with the quality of educational delivery

At 43 I passed Spanish A level, getting my first ever grade A

At 49 I got a distinction for my Masters in Educational Leadership. 

But the dream to live in France took over . . . and here I am, in the South West of France, teaching online and from my home. 

With a 'boxed' and 'despatched' start to be a mere nobody, I have skills of empathy as well! 


Imagine ...

Imagine in a couple of months from today . . .

When you’re using the French you know confidently,  mastering the tricky grammar that was constantly bugging you. 

There are two types of people: 

Some people dread speaking French with others, but secretly wished they didn’t, and do nothing about it. 

Many of us feel trapped on a plateau of learning, drifting around the internet for solutions, all of which don’t offer that valuable personal touch to shift you into the next level of speaking.

Right now, many of us feel haunted by fear, fear of judgement of what others think of us when we speak French. 

Many of us feel we don’t have the time to squeeze in the most important part of learning a language – and that’s getting valuable instant feedback on your spontaneous speaking practice.

You might also feel it’s a big financial commitment, when in fact, you can come out any time you like

When you learn French, things change fast!

Imagine being able to make bilingual friends and meeting French people who want to connect with you too and no longer having those ‘brain freeze’ moments.

Imagine making fast progress and being able to join in with discussions in French with other people aspiring to communicate well in French. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a series of 4 lessons to get you going with a new level of study. It's hard to work on your own and these four 60 minutes lessons are with a small group of 4 people. You can buy the Delf book or use the copies of the materials sent to you, although having the book means you can work through the rest of the book once you have the study momentum.  You also get your work carefully marked by your teacher - showing you how to improve and helping you learn. The 'live' hour is fast and furious, yet carefully levelled to pace your learning - enough energy to motivate and not too much to overwhelm. Be ready to learn and SPEAK FRENCH!

YES!! Absolutely.  We just pick a mutually convenient time and away we go! 

We’re fully confident that if you do the work you’ll see results and your French Speaking will go from strength to strength. 

We can’t say what level you will achieve because right now we don’t where you are at, or what your goals are - but we can soon change that :)

We can say that our method is designed to be fun and give you the opportunity to improve your speaking! 

— Imagine the next time you visit France or speak to a French family member that you are having the conversations you have always wanted.

Or, if you hit your speaking goals in 12 weeks and were easily able to maintain it without all your hard work slipping away. 

We’ll help you build consistency in speaking so you can have REAL conversations, whereas other programs are often simply just lists of words or grammar rules that you don't need and take up precious time and energy!

This program can be 100% virtual so there’s no need to leave the house or organise childcare! 

You pay for your lessons. We then set up all the mechanisms to get the best preparation for you before we begin. 

If this does not work for you I will refund you all the lessons you have not had.  There's not 'tie in' and loss for lessons not had. That would just be mean.  

As each lesson is prepared in advance and you have an input to the learning, the evaluations, and they're HONEST, will immediately guide us on a week by week basis as to how it's working for you.  

We are determined that we are the last ever private teacher you'll ever need. 


This is a series of lessons for English speakers wanting to learn French. 

English doesn't have to be your first language - one of my favourite student's first language is Cantonese, but his English was fluent enough for him to enjoy learning French. 

If you are not sure - please reach out and we can answer any further questions you might have.

We have a warm, professional and progressive group of people practising their French in Conversation Café - reach out to me and let's get you signed in! We meet weekly for an hour .. . . check out the link on my website here! !

So if this sounds like you - please reach out and get in touch. I have a number of options starting with a personalised 10 week package, but don't delay as there are always limited spaces.




We have 4 levels from beginners to Masters:

Level 1 Débutants

This has now become a DIY course - the Accelerator Course so you can get conversant and join a higher group. 

Level 2 Conversers

Thursdays 15:00 CEST

Level 3 Discoverers

Thursdays 19:00 CEST

Level 4 Masters

Thursdays 18:00 CEST


If a group gets full, I will open a new one so I would just check with Christine. [email protected],,com 

As soon as we connect I Will be talking with you in French, unless you're a real beginner, and the teacher in me is naturally seeking out how you will learn, what you need to learn and what interests you so that the teaching is aimed at moving you along your own path of Success. 

If you are in doubt, just book a call to have a brief assessment conversation.


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