Discover the French pace of life in the South West of France & enjoy expert and intensive personalised support to get YOU speaking French.

Live with Christine and live the French life.  Learn French, the culture and enjoy the Pyrenees lifestyle. 100% French spoken.



This is your home for a week. This 19th Century farmhouse is being lovingly renovated to respect its country origins. You will study here, learn to cook French food, relax and practise your French on local people.

Meet your hostess: Christine Camm

Bonjour tout le monde! I'm Christine Camm MA B.Ed - founder of Simply French Online, and creator of the REAL French method. 

35+ years of successful Modern Foreign Languages teaching, Lead Practitioner and OFSTED outstanding Practitioner. 

International teaching experience. Senior Leadership and teacher advisor for quality of learning. 

Intensive and effective, Immersive Homestay advances your French speaking far faster than single lessons each week.

"Christine got me speaking just French all the time. We had intensive lessons each day and totally dug deep into how I could improve my speaking and my learning. This was worth more to me than three months of French classes! Invaluable!"

Working now in Paris

Learn and speak nothing but French for a week in the lea of the beautiful Pyrenees mountains.

Many of us start learning a language, but then things get in the way. The textbook starts gathering dust, you miss a lesson here and there . . . you unsubscribe!

With the best intentions, you embark on a learning journey, but it is not always so easy to get speaking a new language, and especially on your own!

Sometimes you need a different approach. You need an intensive immersion to shift you totally into the next gear: to get started speaking, to be able to join conversation, to cover the basics, or to thrash out the nitty-gritty of grammar that has tormented you for so long! 

Immersive Homestays are a way of living in France: 100% French every day, lessons, learn local recipes. conversation, trips out, intensive reading sessions, meals with friends and just plain relaxation . . . a French week totally dedicated to YOU, just YOU. 


What does a typical day look like on Immersive Homestay? 

Wake up and look out of the window . . . can you see the Pyrenees today?

Pinch yourself - "YES! I'm really here!"

Push back the cotton fresh sheets in the converted loft, under the old beams and the 100+ year old stonework

Bonjour! Your French speaking starts over your café and croissant, bought at the local boulangerie. 

Then it's time to check out the plan for the day. What exciting activities are lined up for you?  In French

Fancy a brisk morning walk?

Is 6 or 8 kilometres good for you? 

Look out to see where the foxes have been.

Spot some deer? 

Or a hare or two?

Walk and talk in the heart of the countryside with beautiful views of the Pyrenees on the horizon. 

All in French, naturellement!

Get back for a delicious breakfast!

Mon croissant . . .

Home made yoghurt, muesli and home grown fruit good for you this morning, madame?

Or would you like a deliciously warm croissant with home made jam, made from fruit in the garden?

Ok then . . . both!

Enjoy specific pronunciation time with a native speaker to get you working on those difficult to pronounce words! 

Could it the letter R?

Maybe you need to work on the EU or OU sounds?

OR just reading out loud to get the intonation right - where do you go up and down with your voice? 

Do you stress the first or last syllable in French?

Whatever your need to work on - you'll certainly work on it hard!

Your lessons will be ready for you and will fit into your weekly schedule.

Get to grips with some grammar: swiftly apply it in realistic ways.

Throughout the day, leave it to Christine to keep you on your toes and keep practising in realistic situations as you cook together, relax in the garden, go for a walk, or talk whilst travelling into the mountains.


Using the REAL French Method your experience will be:





Sunny day? Pack a picnic!

Take a trip into the mountains and explore Gavarnie, with the highest waterfall in France.                           

Take a gentle stroll around the lake at Saint Lary and admire the beauty of the Pyreneean lakes

Climb the Pic du Jer . . . or take the lift up! and admire the views. 

Speak French all the way. Practise what you've been learning in lessons in your French home. 

Even have a lesson whilst enjoying the natural surroundings. Outdoor freedom!


Local lakes make great places for walking, talking, having a lesson and a picnic . . .

The best part is when you take a trip out and have a lesson somewhere really beautiful . . . like at a lake, learning, then relaxing in the beautiful surroundings. 

Maybe you prefer the snow?

Take your pick of walks on snow shoes

Keep fit and take in the crisp, cool air. Talk all things snow and walking at altitude. 

Or maybe you prefer a stroll in the park and just enjoy the view. Walk and talk French with your teacher helping you as the conversations develop. 

Here's how the Immersive Homestay works:

  • You click on one of the orange buttons here and arrange a call.
  • We discuss your goals and how we will meet them whilst in France with us on Homestay. We generate a Success Path just for you.
  • We establish any particular dietary needs and make sure you're going to eat well whilst with us here.
  • You access a Success Path to show you how you can progress with your French speaking and then celebrate your success with us. We generate a clear sense of direction so you can easily plot your progress.
  • We check what you need to pack for the weather here - each season has its own unique weather pattern. 
  • We decide which activities you want to do whilst you're here: walking, running, hiking, skiing, water sports, relaxing, historical monuments, wine tasting, restaurant visiting, white water rafting . . .  even paragliding in summer! 
  • You leave all the organising to me! Once we know what you want, you just put the date on your calendar and prepare your journey to get here - need help - just let me know. 
  • We can pick you up from Tarbes or Lourdes airport, or Tarbes railway station. 
  • Arrange your travel and medical insurance. 
  • When you arrive - everything is 100% French. Your immersive Homestay has begun.

I'm ready Christine - I'm already packing my suitcase!

But how is it possible to combine lessons with trips out?

You can work on average for two intensive hours per day. Then you can go out, do some independent study, and get ready to meet more people around the table in the evening, when we can invite people to come and talk with you over a delicious French meal.

What if the weather is rubbish?

Think about your speaking now, and what it will be like in a few months’ time, whilst others are progressing and having great conversations, you’re still on your learning plateau. We don't let the weather change the learning, since that is the main point of being on an Immersive homestay. Whatever the weather, we will have planned a great experience for you here! You have unlimited potential to grow your French and your confidence in speaking spontaneously. That can happen either indoors or out!


This is for you if . . . 

  • Are committed and ready to make a giant leap into progressing your spoken French.
  • You want to life the life in France but not alone. 
  • You want your teacher with you so you can max out on the learning and the in between moments of French conversation
  • You love feedback and fast progression.
  • You're ready to put the time in to really study intensely for a week.

This is not for you if . . .

  • You don't like old country houses 
  • You don't like garden fruit and vegetables or fresh eggs from the chickens
  • You don't want to speak French all day for a week!
  • You think learning a language is something that happens by magic overnight. 

How much will the Immersive Homestay cost me?

What will it cost NOT to make this difference in your learning??

The mistake that most people make is that they think that drifting around the internet for random learning is the cheap option. What they don't take into account is how slow or ineffective that can be.

Or worse...

...the social or job opportunity costs associated with not being able to communicate confidently. The lost friendships, being passed over for promotion or remaining scared to fulfil the lifetime dream of visiting France. And then, the holidays where you point at the menu and hope you get something decent!

Never mind getting ready for that speaking exam and being able to breeze through it since you're speaking naturally and comfortably, whatever your level. 

So, if you are like so many of my students and want to stop surfing the internet for freebies, stop hiding behind the fear to speak, and finally get properly committed and fast track your French Learning Success  

...then Immersive Homestay is your opportunity and Christine is your guide!

And you can get access today 

You might also ask what it will cost if you stay on a French speaking plateau and you find you’re saying the same things all the time?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Hear it from Chris, Jess and Nic!

We plot our Success!

Bear in mind that you’re in 10 hours of French Lessons, or MORE on the Gold Package,

What do you do now? 

Just click on the orange button under this section and follow the links to join!

And don't forget the super safe 30 day guarantee: If you give 30 days' notice, you are able to cancel. Please bear in mind that any specific costs already spent on preparing your stay will have to be deducted. 

Christine's Super Safe Homestay Booking Guarantee

We want to make it as safe as possible for you:

You can cancel if circumstances change. We do not want to profit from this unfortunate event, so we will refund your money.

Simply send us an email as soon as you know about your cancellation to [email protected] with the email address you used to order your Homestay. Things happen and changes sometimes have to be made at the last minute.  We understand this.

Please bear in mind that if we have had to spend in advance on your behalf, it is not always possible to refund those  particular costs.  Before spending, you will be able to agree to preparation purchases.

Immersive Homestay - Pricing Options

Silver package


One payment

7 nights 7 days accommodation

(Value £447)

All breakfasts & lunches included

(Value £247)

5 evening meals included

(Value £247)

5 hours of lessons (10 x 60 minutes)

(Value £245)

2 x half day trips

(Value £490)

BONUS: Informal hours talking French out of lesson time 

(Value £priceless)

BONUS: 2 x Personal Reading & pronunciation support hours with native speaker

(Value £97)


Gold Package


One payment.


7 nights 7 days accommodation

(Value £447)

All breakfasts & lunches included

(Value £247)

5 evening meals included

(Value £247)

15 hours of lessons (15 x 60 minutes)

(Value £745)

2 x half day trips

(Value £390)

2 x full day trips

(Value £780)

BONUS: Informal hours talking French out of lesson time 

(Value £priceless)

BONUS: 4 x Personal Reading & pronunciation support hours with native speaker

(Value £194)

Time arranged to meet friends and neighbours so you can practise your French on local people.

Nobody else is staying with you - this is just for you! 


Imagine . . . once you've completed your Immersive Homestay

When you’re speaking confidently having mastered the tricky grammar that was constantly bugging you. 

Imagine losing that fear of judgement of what others think of us when we speak French. 

Many of us feel we don’t have the time to squeeze in the most important part of learning a language – and that’s getting valuable personal support and intense practice.

With NO ENGLISH distractions!

We also feel it’s a big financial commitment, when in fact, you possibly already spent more than this on random learning, books, courses, other lessons, who knows!  

It doesn’t have to be this way!

When you do an Immersive Homestay, things change fast!

Imagine meeting French people who want to connect with you too...

...and mastering those ‘brain freeze’ moments.

Imagine looking forwards to speaking French, instead of that stomach sinking feeling of dread. Your friends will be waiting with equal excitement to share their week and progress their French in discussions and practise learning with you!

Imagine having the confidence to speak in public, at work, in meetings and actually make a more positive contribution!

Imagine meeting a family member who is French and  you've not been able to connect properly before, and then enjoying speaking French with them!


Frequently Asked Questions UNDER CONSTRUCTION

We’re fully confident that if you do the work you’ll see results and your French Speaking will go from strength to strength. 

The REAL French method means Rewarding, Effective and Adventurous Learning.  That is how your lessons and your experience is planned. And you get to see the planning! IT's a joint venture because I am here to facilitate your speaking skills, not teach AT you from something just pulled off the shelf.

We can’t say what level you will achieve because right now we don’t where you are at, or what your goals are - but we can soon change that :)

— Imagine the next time you visit France or speak to a French family member that you are having the conversations you have always wanted.

We’ll help you build on your skills so that you can hold REAL conversations, whereas other programs can sometimes be simply just lists of words or grammar rules that you don't need and take up precious time and energy!

This program is 100% focussed on YOU and your success. 

We prepare everything together 

This means your lessons, your food, your trips, your down time . . . your meals in, your meals out . . .


Everything is in French. 

If you are a complete beginner, the French will increase throughout the week. There may just be the odd time when you actually need something explaining in English, but we try to avoid this. We adapt to you and your style of learning. 


We can pick you up in Lourdes or Tarbes.  Tarbes is the best. 

If you have to land at Toulouse it's a four hour round trip so a small surcharge will apply.  Or you can just hop on a bus that heads this way - it takes two hours. 

No worries.  We will have agreed on preparation spending and as we do not want to profit from difficult circumstances, you will be refunded everything not spent on your behalf. It's your money and prespending is by prior agreement to cover preparation costs. 

Obviously, the earlier you inform us, the better. 


If you are in doubt, just book a call to have a brief assessment conversation.

There's no obligation and you can ask all the questions you like! Don't worry - I don't like to 'sell' at you - no way!  You'll make up your own mind. 


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